Gigmix Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd is driven by innovation, technology and creativity, and is led by an experienced and talented leadership team and a strong culture of entrepreneurship. It is based out of Cochin, Kerala, India.

“Gigmix” is a cloud based solution for companies seeking to find and hire better talent faster. It’s cutting edge technology uses Artificial Intelligence, cutting edge technology, intuitive UI/UX and common sense, to help candidates find better jobs and employers find better candidates. We do not just stop at that, we also help you screen, hire and hand out the offer letter. all within Gigmix.

Work, and the way we work have drastically changed over the recent past. Gigmix is the job search and recruitment platform for this new world. Employers can find candidates for all kinds of positions such as gig roles, part time, full time, remote work etc and even conduct the entire recruitment life cycle within one single product at fraction of their current hiring cost. There are no charge for candidates at all.  Employment can impact our economy like nothing else can. Gigmix is helping employers spend less, to hire better talent faster so they can utilise their funds to create more jobs.

Coming to think of it, ‘Match making is what we do’. Matching Distinguished Talent with Dream Jobs