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Yes, that is right. We have decided to move away from everything archaic about seeking out and getting that perfect job in hand for any job seeker – full-time or part-time. With the whole world reeling under an extraordinary situation, brought about by a virus, we perfectly understand you, and your intent being here. To us, making it as easy as possible for you to find the normal in this new normal is the number one priority. So that nothing holds you back from your number one priority here – finding the perfect job.

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Your Time. Your Life. Your Dream. Your Choice

Earning more, flexible work hours, work life balance or better quality of life. These are some of the reasons why thousands of people love to Gig. Following features make it even more appealing.

It is Free for Candidates

Nothing should come between you and finding that perfect job, not even money.

Resume is not Necessary

Upload a traditional resume if you want. Else, use our FREE Video resume option

Lead with your Personal Video

Make your video resume the perfect vehicle to pitch your talents & experience.

One Place to get it All

Start your search and securing your new job with an offer letter- all in the same place !

Save Time, Seek More

No more different logins for different job-seeking purposes. Find your perfect job here.

Work as per your Wish

Find Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Full-time, Work From Roles as per your convenience.

Choose your Interview Mode

Would rather Text rather than Speak ? Sure, go ahead. Want a video call later ? Go on and do that !

Let AI do the Match-Making

Thanks to the powerful AI integrated in Search, be assured of finding those exact job roles.

Job Search was never this Social

Make use of the pixel-perfect social sharing options to your friends looking for a job.

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