Dear Employers

Save Time & Money. Hire Great Talent Faster.

We decided to disrupt an archaic pricing model that has been haunting the recruitment industry for several years. We decided it is time funds are best used to bridge the economic gap in our society, and hence came up with a refreshingly new pricing model to power your recruitment activities.

Branded Job Listings
Pan India Coverage
Power your Career page
Image Carousel
Recruit as Company/Agency
Unlimited Team Members
Co-ordinate with Team
Built-in ATS
Built-in Recruitment Tool
Interact with Candidates
Schedule Interviews
Virtual Interviews
Maintain Candidate Notes
Add a Recruitment Agency
Handout Offer Letter
Search and Profile View
Pay to contact a candidate you like
Collaborate with your entire hiring team

₹ 150/candidate

₹ 150/team member

Onetime & Unlimited contacting
Per month

Source & Attract

Branded Company Profile

Setting up your Company profile won’t take more than reading this line. Dress it up with your brand livery.

Videos Rule

Add & showcase a compelling & impactful video of your organisation that clearly speaks to the seeker

List Open Positions

Publish any number of job postings that describe open positions to prospective candidates

Faster & Simpler Setup

Hit the ground running with a few clicks and you are on. Your phone is now your HR Office.

An Inter-connected Team

As the Team head, easily overview your Team mates’ selections for specific postings in a click

Collaborative Hiring

As an Organisational head or a recruiting Agency, you would be equally at home in sourcing the best

Interview & Evaluate

Cast it Nationwide

Easily search through geographies to match your job requirement, enriched by AI under the slick interface.

Let AI Search for you

Fully powered by cutting-edge AI technology at the heart of Gigmix keeps giving you the most optimum results for your job requirements

Use the Intelligent ATS

Make use of the superior inbuilt Applicant Tracking System that makes collating, storing and screening a breeze. HR Teams never had it so easy

Get to Evaluate Faster

With the prospective candidates’ videos ‘speaking’ their capabilities, along with the traditional Resumes, get to evaluate faster

Connect where they are

Share your Company profile & vacant positions on popular social media platforms, increasing your reach.

Connect with a Click

Get on the Interview mode with a single click to communicate with the short-listed candidate.

Send Offers & Hire Faster

Find the Exact match

Thanks to the AI built-in, get the perfect match to the specific position that you advertised for in Gigmix

More Effective Yield

With the ecosytem encouraging those with secured positions to “Turn Off” job-seeking, get better yield in Search

Interview the way you Want

Make it a one-to-one or a team-to-one (3+1) to interview your short-listed candidate, as easy as a group video call.

Efficiency, on Turbo-chargers

With one app managing the entire life-cycle including selection, thing of the savings in time, effort & energy

Unmatched Social Media Visibility

Share job positions in perfect social media posts that are enticing as well as engaging. Job searching was never this Social.

Your Organisation’s Job Board

Use the web version of your Gigmix profile to power the Careers section of your organisation’s online presence.

Hire Great Talent Faster

An intuitive, simpler, affordable & faster way to hire

Publish any number of job postings that describe open positions to prospective candidates. Easily find the best talent out there thanks to our AI-powered Search, connect and do video interviews with a single click. Evaluate and hire without wasting any time. Share the Offer letter and onboard without a hitch. Gigmix is all that you wanted your HR process to be and more.